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PowerLink Advantages

Comprehensive view and control of the substation to increase operator efficiency

PowerLink Advantage (PLA) from GE Digital Energy is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution for high point count requirements providing an up-to-date, live view of the substation in near real-time. The system is designed to perform "Master" functionality to one or more field devices and provides a means to remotely control and obtain data from them. As a local substation HMI, PC-based Small Master Station, PLA aggregates and intelligently presents relevant real-time and historical data in easy to understand, customizable graphical format with features such as alarm and dynamic text displays to increase operator efficiency.

PLA has optional features such as Power Quality and Digital Fault Recording capabilities that can be added to further extend system awareness and provide indispensable information for in-depth analysis and informed decision making. Furthermore, PowerLink Advantage provides additional language support for French, Russian and Spanish user interfaces through available language packs.


Key Benefits

  • Fast, easy configuration and powerful tools decrease setup and configuration effort

  • Centralized monitoring, SCADA control and data collection for greater resource efficiency and fault analysis

  • Highly scalable system implementation capabilities with real-time data acquisition and control

  • Full integration of data into the utility enterprise, including plant archives and advanced data handling capabilities and analysis

  • Centralized on-site and remote access/viewing capabilities

  • User interface presentation in multiple languages

Comprehensive, Customizable Displays

PLA aggregates from gateways and field devices and intelligently presents relevant near real-time and historical data in an easy to understand, customizable graphical format with features such as alarm and dynamic text displays to increase operator efficiency.


Typical customizable displays include:


  • Communications Summary

  • One-line Diagrams

  • Alarm Viewer

  • Historical Alarm Viewer

  • Trending

  • Detail Pages

  • Operator Access Log

  • Operator Notes





PLA provides aggregates trending data from substation devices and presents them in a clear visual format that is fully customizable to facilitate quick identification of potential issues or to assist in problem analysis.

  • Customizable with selectable colors, grid lines and scaling

  • Real-time and historical displays

  • Dynamic trending

  • XY plots

  • Full database connectivity

  • Support up to 300 logged points per logging table



Redundancy ensures system availability in the event of a hardware failure. PowerLink Advantage can be configured with redundancy so that a secondary system is ready to take over operations automatically should the primary system fail. During a failure, all main PowerLink Advantage functions are transferred to ensure that critical data acquisition, alarming, logging and security operations continue.
























Optional Features


Multiple Viewer Stations

Multiple Viewer Stations provide client-server connectivity from additional computers on the LAN.


Remote Desktop (Terminal Services)

Remote Desktop (Terminal Services) licenses provide access from remote computers (requires Windows® Server operating system).


System Sentry

System Sentry improves system availability by constantly providing real-time information about the health of the PowerLink Advantage system. It provides detailed performance data at any given moment for every resource ranging from available hard drive space to CPU usage. System Sentry also provides configurable, automated alerts for problem conditions and the tools for problem determination to restore system functionality.


Digital Fault Recording Display and Analysis

Digital Fault Recording Display and Analysis is a tool within DirectView providing advanced waveform viewing through capabilities to set multiple cursors and markers; waveform superimposition and waveform comparison functions. It also provides functionality to visualize harmonic spectrum and perform zero sequence current calculations. IEEE® COMTRADE file compatible.


Alarm Cast

Alarm Cast provides integration of PowerLink Advantage alarms for remote notification through a variety of channels such as Internet, mobile and PC media including pagers, SMS, e-mail, ODBC, UCP and more. The notification can contain key operational information and conditions.



PLA makes it easy to generate the reports based on a timed or event basis. The report viewer allows quick, convenient access to any report.

Power Quality Event Viewer

Power Quality Event Viewer provides sag, swell and interruption plots.



DirectView provides a Digital Fault Recording (DFR) COMTRADE file viewer and analysis application. DFR COMTRADE files are automatically retrieved from compatible field devices connected via Ethernet LAN.


Action Calendar

Action Calendar provides the ability to create, maintain and execute a calendar schedule of system events.

Automation Projects


GE Automation Projects deliver a complete solution for utilities and Industrial customers to address challenges in managing all aspects of increasingly complex substation automation systems:

  • Substation Engineering

  • Protection, Control and Automation

  • Communications

  • Cyber / Physical Security

  • Data Management

  • Enterprise System Operations

  • Standards-based Solutions


GE delivers a complete modern substation automation solution based on deep knowledge and expertise, best in class products, configuration tools and industry standards with the following offerings:


Automation Projects – Managed Solutions

Complete end-to-end system solutions including hardware, software and resources from initial evaluation to ongoing maintenance and support.

Automation Projects – Technical Services

  • Site evaluation

  • Consultation

  • System design

  • Project management

  • Procurement

  • System component assembly

  • Configuration and commissioning services

  • System testing

  • Training

  • Life cycle support of system


System Requirements – Development/Runtime Server























System Requirements – PLA Viewer




One-line screens for monitoring status, control and tagging

Dynamic trending to clearly visualize substation activity

PLA server redundancy to ensure continuous uptime.

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