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Gridcom T390

Universal Power Line Carrier (PLC) for High Voltage (HV) Transmission Lines

GE’s Gridcom T390 is an integrated system, combining high performance and flexibility, which allows utilities to reliably transmit voice, data, teleprotection and other services over HV transmission lines.


Using the Power Transmission Line as the Transport Medium

Electrical utilities need to exchange information regarding their electrical network in an efficient and effective manner, while preserving their initial investment. Despite the growing use of digital communication systems, communications over power line is still often the most cost effective and reliable solution. Using power lines as a communication medium allows the operator to have full control, without the associated costs of renting a dedicated communication line from a telecom operator. GE’s Gridcom The Gridcom T390 is designed to be is a completely integrated universal analog and/or digital power line carrier. Engineered for power utilities' environments and constraints, Gridcom T390 provides a dependable communication link in the most demanding substation conditions. The Gridcom T390 is designed to be a robust back-up solution for critical services, and an Ethernet bridging solution to substations with no optical fiber access.


Key Benefits

  • Increased transmission capacity and efficiency

  • Improved reliability, security, and stability

  • Reduce costs by using existing HV power lines

  • Highly configurable and customizable - no need for factory returns for upgrades

  • Fast recovery time


Key Features

  • Analog, digital or mixed communication modes within the same hardware platform

  • Integration within digital communication networks (IP networking, RS232 /RS422 (V11), RS485 interfaces)

  • Radius authentication and SSH encryption

  • Optimized bandwidth allocation with superimposed mode: up to 320 kbit/s @ 48 kHz total bandwidth


Improved Capacity & Efficiency

Offering superimposed mode and teleprotection over QAM for the highest LAN to LAN performance for your applications

High speed transmission for RTU: Some RTU's may require higher communication capabilities for SCADA. Some substations have to provide communication capabilities to perform remote operations such as configuration, telemaintenence, and monitoring. Since these services are mainly over IP, they require up to several hundred kbits/s for transmission.

Equipped with an Ethernet interface, Gridcom T390 can transmit LAN and WAN information from one end to the other. This feature, designed to support IP traffic transmission  on energy company networks, implements  an L2  bridge  at network  level (full transparent bridging) with advanced capabilities, compliant with 802.1q for VLAN transport, capable to go upto 320kbits/s @ 48 kHz total bandwidth in superimposed mode.

Gridcom T390 superimposed mode is desigend to allow transmission  (TX) and reception (RX) to share the same frequency band. Superimposed  mode is vital for digital PLC applications  as it allows optimal bandwidth optimization, and can reduce the total bandwidth occupation by half.


Secure & Reliable Solution

The Gridcom T390's RADIUS Remote User Authentication and SSH encryption adapts to your centralized user management topology with guaranteed communication confidentiality and data integrity between the PLC and the user.

  • Remote user access is secured by UserAuthentication (via RADIUS or PLC).

  • Local user can securely access PLC by submitting login/password per connection.

  • Communication between remote user and the Gridcom T390 is secured by SSH tunnel encryption (Algorithm AES128, 3DES).

  • Radius failure management is realized with RADIUS authentication mode fallback to PLC authentication mode.














High Level of Configuration & Customization

Offering a powerful, embedded HMI configuration, commissioning, and test tool.










Integrated & Modular with Front Panel Mounting

Gridcom T390 integrates:

  • Amplifier unit: AMP/AMPX offers adjustable (2-80W) transmission power

  • Processing unit: PRCS

  • Optional, integrated Teleprotection unit: TPI provides up to 4 independent commands, with 8 input contacts and 14 heavy duty outputs

Each unit can be installed separately for a specific function, and can be configured to customer requirements, offering a high level of flexibility without any factory returns. All connections, including the power supply, are on the front of the unit for easy access for maintenance and checks.

Versatile System, Supporting Analog, Digital & Mix Mode

Offering perfect operational flexibility, GE’s Gridcom T390 supports Analog, Digital, and mixed transmission on the same hardware platform. Customers can purchase an analog PLC, then upgrade with a simple firmware key activation, if the condition and application allow it. Compared to a conventional chassis, the number of interfaces is not restricted by the size of the chassis.


Enhanced Security Features for Remote Users


Front panel mounting

Transmission Mode

Typical Applications

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