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Lentronics E1MX


Multiplexing Solutions for Critical Communications

The Lentronics™ E1MX Multiplexer is a powerful, flexible and reliable solution for converged service networks. The E1MX extends critical channel access into harsh utility environments over microwave radio, leased line and dedicated fiber optic or copper cable networks.


Key Benefits

  • Secure and dependable transport of critical utility information over public or private communication infrastructures

  • Supports standalone E1 networks, E1 spurs and E1 access applications for higher order systems

  • Upgradable to a TN1U SDH Multiplexer to satisfy increasing bandwidth requirements

  • Network managed providing complete system monitoring and diagnostics for each individual DS0 channel



Network Applications

The Lentronics E1MX Multiplexer can be deployed in a variety of applications, from E1 circuit extensions through leased lines, E1 microwave radio links and spurs, as well as in standalone E1 networks connecting multiple facilities or multiple sites within a single large facility.

Hybrid Lentronics E1MX and TN1U SDH Multiplexer Networks

Utility Hardened

  • Meets IEC 61850-3 specifications for communications networking devices in electric power substations

  • Reliable operation in extreme temperatures from -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C)

  • Meets Earthquake Risk Zone 4 shock and vibration specification


Scalable Design

  • Integrated Compact Digital Access X-Connect (CDAX)

  • Supports a wide range of Lentronics TN1U compatible DS0 interface units including voice, data, teleprotection and Ethernet applications


Robust & Reliable

  • Built-in test capabilities

  • No external power converter required and no internal fans

  • Hot swappable units eliminate the need to power down the multiplexer, minimizing traffic disruptions

  • Optional 1:1 protected CDAX units improve reliability and circuit availability


Network Managed

  • End-to-end circuit monitoring

  • Integrated NMS solution with Lentronics SDH Multiplexer networks


Application Flexibility

The E1MX Multiplexer, a part of the field proven Lentronics digital transport and access system, supports a wide range of DS0 applications.

The E1MX can be deployed in several network configurations such as:

  • Terminal multiplexer

  • Add/Drop multiplexer

  • Cross-connect configuration


Interface Units

Supporting a wide range of DS0 interface units, the E1MX Multiplexer offers voice, data, teleprotection and Ethernet options. For high circuit count applications, the E1MX offers expansion shelves to grow with the network’s requirements.



Designed for critical infrastructure applications, the E1MX Multiplexer supports full duplex ITU-T G.703 compliant 2.048 Mb/s channelized circuits ensuring low latency for DS0 applications.


Network Management System

Allowing simple installation, ongoing management and maintenance of the multiplexer, without expensive workstations, the E1MX offers local or remote configuration, performance monitoring and diagnostics. With settings and configuration parameters maintained in non-volatile flash memory, configuration is maintained after loss of power.


Lentronics E1MX



Remote E1MX Multiplexer (terminal multiplexer) connected via a an E1 link to a TN1U SDH network.

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