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Reason H49

PRP/HSR Redbox Switch

Reason H49, GE’s all in one gigabit redundancy solution, has been especially designed for the digital substation, for use on the substation bus and process bus, in a mix of PRP dual star and HSR rings. The 1000Mbps HSR ring allows to transport multiple Sampled Value streams on the same ring, simplifying network topology. In addition, IEEE 1588v2 and Power Profile compliance allow for high precision timing application such as synchrophasor application or sampled value timestamping.

Reason H49 can be used independently, or can be integrated to form a DS Agile system, which is a Digital Control System (DCS) and it is the world’s first DNV/GL fully certified PRP/HSR/IEEE1588/IEC61850-3 device.

Key benefits :

  • All-in-one PRP and HSR redbox, HSR quadbox and PRP-HSR coupling

  • Multiple features to reduce the number of devices: Quadbox, 4 SAN ports, port modularity

  • IEEE 1588 v2 boundary clock and transparent clock capable to distribute precision time across the substation network and PRP/HSR boundaries, saving the cost of cabling used to deliver IRIG-B signals

  • Simple but powerful web management interface for all configuration functions

  • Dual source power supply for increased reliability

  • Achilles ACC Level 1 certified, designed for NERC CIP compliance


Applications :

  • Digital substation, station bus and process bus

  • Generation, transmission, distribution, industrial plant

  • High availability, 0ms recovery time network topology

  • Cyber security stringent systems


Reason H49


Reason H49


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