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Hydran 201Ti

The Hydran 201Ti is a small on-line early warning transmitter. It is permanently mounted on the transformer and will provide personnel with a single reading in ppm of a composite value of various fault gases to alert them to a potential issue.

This value can be downloaded and alarms can be set at pre-determined levels to alert personnel and enable monitoring of the developing fault condition.



  • Small and medium sized transformers.

  • Lower risk and/or consequence of failure.

  • Ideal for Transmission transformers.

  • Much better than relying on manual oil sampling.



  • Real-time single composite fault-gas measurement system.

  • Local and remote alarms set at pre defined levels or on rate of change.

  • Remote visibility of the gas reading and trend via serial port communication

  • Easy to install on a single valve.

  • No moving parts, no pumps and no extra piping required.

  • No field calibration required.




  • Composite gas sensor which responds 100% to Hydrogen (general fault gas) and is sensitive to Carbon Dioxide (overheated paper).

  • LCD display.

  • RS-485 connection as standard.

  • Modbus or Hydran protocols available.

  • Vacuum-resistant gas extraction membrane.

  • Full system self test and self-diagnostics.

  • Local logging of data and significant events for up to a year.

Hydran 201Ti.png

Hydran 201TiBrochure

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