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iSTAT  M2x3

High Performance Measurement Centre

The iSTAT M2x3 family includes:

  • M233 Measurement Centre

  • M243 Network Recorder - Manufacturing for the M243 has been  discontinued. As an alternative,please refer to the M233 or M253.

  • M253 Power Quality Analyser

The iSTAT M2x3 is a family of measurement centres configurable for single and 3-phase, for measuring and monitoring electrical quantities.  High sampling rates and true RMS measurement give accurate readings under all harmonic conditions, with Measurement accuracy better than 0.2% and Class 0.5S Energy which are suitable for many applications.

The M233 is a communicating measurement center with more than 120 measurements and also harmonics measurement. The M253 is a Power Quality meter that has the functionality of the M243, but in addition it measures and records all of the quantities required to check compliance to EN50160.

The iSTAT M2x3 has 2 dual channel input/output modules which can be factory fitted with a wide range of options.  Select from Analogue, Alarm, Pulse or Watchdog outputs or Analogue, Temperature (PT100), Pulse and Digital inputs to achieve the functionality required

The iSTAT M2x3 can be defined with Serial (RS232/RS485), USB or Ethernet communications ports using Modbus RTU/TCP and DNP3 protocols to satisfy utilities worldwide.   All models have the facility to use a Memory Card to extract data and to load a new configuration generated off-line.

The M2x3 uses the QDSP software to define and store settings, basic settings only can be done using the keypad.  The configuration, downloading and analysis of recorded data and Power quality data require the Professional version of QDSP.


iSTAT M2x3 Brochure

iSTAT M2x3   Manual

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