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Multilin C650

Bay Control & Monitoring System

Substation hardened, the Multilin™ C650 has been designed to provide control, monitoring, and automation for a wide range of applications including bay control and monitoring in electrical substations. With high-density I/O capable of supporting up to 192 programmable digital inputs, the C650 can also be used to extend the I/O capability of new or existing protection and control relays. With powerful and deterministic programmable logic, advanced communications and metering capabilities ,the C650 is flexible, cost-effective and reliable solution for substation control.

Key Benefits


  • Flexible and deterministic programmable logic enabling customized substation automation and control schemes

  • Modular hardware enabling I/O expandability and configuration to meet application requirements

  • Advanced automation capabilities for customized control solutions

  • Reduced relay to relay wiring and associated costs with high-speed, inter-relay communications

  • Advanced communications including support for IEC 62439PRP/HSR and IEEE 802.1D/RSTP for increased network availability

  • Scalable I/O (up to 192 digital inputs or 48 digital outputs) providing application flexibility

  • Significant savings in installation costs with support for up to two remote CAN Bus IO modules

  • Extensive logic capability with high speed logic execution time



  • Bay control and substation automation for solidly grounded, high impedance grounded or resonant (Peterson Coil) grounded systems

  • Bus blocking/interlocking schemes

  • Throw over schemes (bus transfer schemes)

  • Load shedding schemes based on voltage and frequency elements or predefined shedding scenarios

  • Programmable logic control

Substation Control

For substation automation implementations, along with high density I/O, the C650 provides high speed control functions including four-shot autoreclose for three-pole tripping schemes, and synchrocheck for circuit supervision.

Functional Block Diagram


















ANSI Device Numbers & Function





Typical Wiring Diagram


The C650 incorporates advanced automation features that replace multiple devices with a single unit and includes powerful programmable logic, communications, and SCADA capabilities that far surpass what is found in the average controller relay. The C650 provides seamless integration with other GE Multilin devices for comprehensive system automation and control.


Inputs and Outputs
The C650 offers a variety of different I/O configurations based on user’s need. A choice of 16 to 192 inputs and 0 to 48 outputs are available. Digital inputs may be user defined with a separate debounce and chatter time. Programmable “quasi“ analog input levels allow the use of different voltage levels in the same model via setting the requested thresholds. EnerVista software allows easy configuration of all the interlocking and switching sequences. A graphic HMI interface provides access to monitoring, metering and alarm panel screens.


Virtual Inputs/Outputs
Use virtual inputs and outputs in conjunction with the programmable logic capabilities of the C650 for unusual applications involving interlocks, blocking, or supervisory functions, to minimize the requirement for auxiliary components and wiring while making more complex schemes possible. The virtual inputs and outputs are digital signals associated with the C650 internal logic. Virtual inputs include signals generated remotely via communications. The virtual outputs are outputs of programmable logic equations used to customize the device. Virtual outputs can also serve as inputs to programmable logic equations.

Transducer Inputs
dcmA inputs are available to monitor system parameters such as temperature, vibration, pressure, wind speed, and flow.

Remote I/O
The remote I/O feature provides a means of sharing digital point state information between C650s or other IEC61850 compliant IEDs or controllers. The remote outputs interface seamlessly to the remote inputs of other C650 devices via the IEC61850 GSSE messaging. User secure peer-to-peer communications to develop complex schemes in distributed logic and I/Os.

Advanced Communications

The C650 incorporates industry-leading communication technologies making it one of the easiest and flexible feeder protection relays for use and integration into new and existing infrastructures. The C650 provides optional Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP), High Availability Seamless Ring (HSR) (IEC 62439-3) and also Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) (IEEE 802.1D) to increase network availability and reliability for critical applications.

The C650 supports industry leading, standard protocols enabling easy, direct integration into electrical SCADA and HMI systems. The protocols supported includes:

  • IEC 61850 Edition 2

  • DNP 3.0

  • Modbus RTU & TCP/IP

  • IEC 60870-5-104

  • PRP & HSR (IEC 62439-3)

  • RSTP (IEEE 802.1D)

  • IEEE 1588 (PTP) for time synchronization

The C650 provides integration with 61850 standard edition 2 devices. IEC 61850 allows for the seamless connection of IEDs from multiple vendors. In addition to device interoperability, these protocols are designed to control the substation via a LAN instead of through discrete wiring to an RTU.

Example of redundant HSR and PRP Architecture
Redundancy protocols can be used for various networking architectures including combined PRP / HSR technologies.

Redundant HSR and PRP architecture capabilities

EnerVista Software

The EnerVista Suite is an industry - leading set of software programs that simplifies every aspect of using the C650 relay. The EnerVista suite provides all the tools to monitor the status of your the protected asset, maintain the relay, and integrate information measured by the C650 into DCS or SCADA monitoring systems. Convenient COMTRADE and Sequence of Events viewers are an integral part of the 650 Setup software included with every C650 relay, to carry out postmortem event analysis to ensure proper protection system operation.


C650 Logic Configuration is the powerful programming logic engine that provides the ability of creating customized protection and control schemes thereby minimizing the need, and the associated costs, of auxiliary components and wiring.

























User Interface

The C650 is offered in two form factors, a full 19” rack-mount version and a ½ rack version.

19” Rack-Mount User Interface

½ Rack User Interface
























Multilin C650


Multilin C650



Advanced automation capabilities enabling switchgear interlocking applications.

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