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Reason RT430 and RT434

GNSS Precision-Time Clocks

The demand for accurate time synchronization available 24/7 increases with the growth of critical substation applications, such as phasor measurement, merging units, traveling-wave fault location and current differential protection operating over SONET and MPLS systems. In order to yield the best accuracy and granularity from such applications, the use of a common, precision-time reference is essential.

RT430/RT434 GNSS Grandmaster Clock is a clock referenced to GPS and GLONASS satellites. Offering a complete solution, these clocks are the universal precision time synchronization units, with an extensive number of outputs which supports many timing protocols, including the DST rules frequently used on power systems applications. In accordance with IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP), the RT430 and RT434 are capable of providing multiple IEDs synchronization with better than 100ns time accuracy over Ethernet networks. Despite being likely to never lose time synchronization from satellites, the RT430/RT434 GNSS features a TCXO as its standard internal oscillator ensuring free-running accuracy when clock is not locked.

Choose the RT430 in Ethernet applications where IEC 62439 PRP redundant architectures are required, choose the RT434 where three or four electrical network ports are required.

Customer benefits:

  • Mean time accuracy of 50ns for IRIG-B/PPS signals

  • IEEE 1588v2 PTP protocol, with better than 100 ns accuracy

  • PTP Profile for Power Utility Automation, in accordance with IEC 61850-9-3:2016 standard

  • PTP Power Profile, in accordance with latest IEEE C37.238:2017 and its previous 2011 version

  • NTP/SNTP time server

  • PTP and NTP/SNTP simultaneously through each Ethernet port

  • PTP and SNTP/NTP over Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) with zero-time recovery (RT430 only)

  • Web Interface available in five different languages

  • Robust design for harsh environments


Reason RT430 & RT434


Reason RT430 & RT434


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