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Reason RT431

GPS Precision-Time Clock

RT431 Time Code Generator is a compact GPS-based clock designed to be installed on a DIN rail that supports the Precise Time Protocol (IEEE 1588 PTP) version 2. PTP provides accurate synchronization over Ethernet networks within 100ns accuracy, enabling applications like synchrophasors without the need to use separate IRIG-B and PPS networks. RT431 configured as PTP slave also works as a transceiver from PTP to IRIG-B, serial or pulse time codes, enabling the use of PTP on IEDs that do not support this protocol.

With a robust design conceived for the electrical power system, the RT431 clock conform to IEC 61010-1 standard, ensuring reliability and ruggedness even under harsh environments. Every manufactured unit undergoes complete functional and stress tests to ensure the highest quality.

Customer benefits:

  • Mean time accuracy of 100ns for IRIG-B/PPS signals

  • IEEE 1588v2 PTP protocol, with better than 100ns accuracy

  • PTP Profile for Power Utility Automation, in accordance with IEC 61850-9-3:2016 standard

  • PTP Power Profile, in accordance with latest IEEE C37.238:2017 and its previous 2011 version

  • NTP/SNTP time server

  • Web Interface available in five different languages

  • Robust design for harsh environments

  • DIN Rail mounting


Reason RT431


Reason RT431


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