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Reason RT411

Time Signal Distributor

The Reason RT411 Time Signal Distributor is a cost effective way to synchronize multiple devices in the substation.  It works as a time signal transceiver providing up to 20 time outputs from a single input, such that the expense of installing multiple GPS antennas in the substation is avoided.

Typically, the RT411 is installed as a port multiplier, acting as a slave to timing signals received from a GPS clock.


Customer benefits :

  • Cost efficient way to synchronize full substations with precision-timing

  • Sustains the time accuracy of GPS clock

  • 10 TTL electrical outputs

  • 10 Fiber Optic outputs

  • Robust design for the substation environment

  • Converts optical and electrical inputs whilst extending the number of outputs available.


Reason RT411


Reason RT411


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