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HAA Auxiliary or Annunciator Relay

Generally two specific forms of the HAA are available, a current operated unit and a voltage operated unit. Example: HAA15A4 is 0.2/2 A DC and the HAA15B5 is a 125 VDC unit. Also, two general case designs are available. The single units such as HAA 15 use a molded plastic case with glass window and all others the standard drawout case.


Features and Benefits

  • Current operated units available

  • High speed DC voltage operated units available

  • Drawout case available

  • Molded case with 3 mounting options available




  • When a target is required

  • When alarm or similar functions required

  • Interposing relay in conjunction with transformer SP relay



Protection and Control

  • Auxiliary contacts and targeting


HAA Brochure

HAA Manual

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