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Tripping and Interposing Supervision

The type MVAX 11 relay supervises the trip circuit of tripping relays such as the MVAJ or the interposing control relay type MVAW.

The MVAX 11 relay constantly monitors the trip circuit of tripping relays. It is compact and robust in design, has a positive action and no chatter.

Close circuit supervision and built-in alarm indicators

Simple and robustly built, this relay is an armature unit that has a positive action and no chatter. It is equipped with two dropping resistors (R1 and R2) connected with the coil. If the supervised circuit opens or if the supply fails, the relay will be de-energized and an alarm or visual indication will be triggered.

Continuous monitoring and no false alarms

The compact, robust MVAX 11 provides continuous monitoring of trip circuits. It ensures that no false alarms are indicated during protection operations,

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