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Generator Protection

GE's generator protection is a series of devices that ensure reliable and safe power of critical assets by providing innovative solutions for the protection, control and monitoring of generator assets. Generator protection is critical to maintaining maximum up-time in the generating facility and providing vital protection of the generating unit. Starting from generator protection to transformer and motor protection whether it is low voltage system or medium voltage system, GE maximizes asset reliability and operational life.

Multilin G60

Multilin G60.jpg

Multilin 889

multilin 889 (1).jpg

Multilin G30 

multilin G30.jpg

Multilin GPM-S


MiCOM Agile P341

micom agile -341.JPG

Multilin GPM-F


MiCOM Agile P34x

MiCOM Agile P34x.jpg

Multilin G650

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