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MiCOM Agile P34x

Generator Protection Systems

GE's MiCOM Agile P34x generator protection relays provide flexible and reliable integration of protection, control, monitoring and measurement functions for a wide range of applications. The P34x relay platform is available in six models that cover most installations from small generators to sophisticated systems including generator-transformer applications and large variable speed double fed induction pumped storage machines.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive protection functions, flexible communications options with a number of protocols and ports

  • Generator turbine abnormal frequency protection monitors the accumulated time spent at each frequency band

  • Check synchronization function with an option to compensate for magnitude and phase angle

  • User-friendly programmable scheme logic allows easy customization of the protection and control functions

  • Current loop analogue inputs and outputs for remote monitoring

  • No internal batteries in GE-branded models – removes a maintenance item and eases air-freight logistics

  • Binary inputs ESI48-4 EB2 compliant

  • Binary inputs offer programmable pickup voltage thresholds and filtering enabling a truly universal application

  • High break output contacts eliminate reliance on auxiliary devices

  • Unique low frequency protection for variable speed double fed induction machines

  • Rotor earth fault protection

  • Harsh environment protection extends the life of the product

Main Characteristics

  • Sensitive rotor earth fault protection using low frequency injection method

  • Harsh Environment Option to protect against corrosive gases such as H2S or SO2

  • Generator and transformer thermal overload, transformer loss of life and through fault monitoring

  • Extensive protection for large machines such as pole slipping and 100% stator earth fault protection (3rd harmonic and low frequency injection method)


  • P342 Small Generator Management IED

  • P343 Medium to Large Sized Generator Management IED

  • P344 Generator Management IED with 2 Neutral Voltage Inputs

  • P345 Large Generator Management IED with 100% Stator Earth Fault

  • P346 Small Generator Management IED with Differential

  • P348 Variable Speed Double Fed Induction Machine protection IED

  • P391 Rotor Earth Fault Unit


The Agile Generator/DG Interconnection/DLR P341-6 IEDs are now available with software 38/72. This software allows new enhancements and protection improvements in P341-6 range of products.

The IEDs available with the new software are:

  • P341 Interconnection/DLR: Hardware P (P341) / Software v38 (standard), v72 (with DLR)

  • P342-6 Generator: Hardware P (P342), M (P343/4/5/6) / Software v38


The new software features:

  • Enhanced power protection with 4 stages of single phase power/VAR (P341-6) selectable as A/B/C phase or 4 stages wattmetric power/VAR (P345) and 4 stages of 3 phase power/VAR protection (P341-6)

  • New minimum power setting reduced to 0.2%Pn for large generator reverse power applications

  • New user curves for overcurrent, voltage dependent overcurrent, earth fault, SEF, under/overvoltage, NVD, V/Hz for creation of user specific characteristics eg for undervoltage fault ride through applications

  • Independent voltage dependent overcurrent (51V) and underimpedance (21) protection

  • New field failure directional line and increase in setting ranges for field failure elements

  • 3rd stage of undervoltage protection

  • Enhanced cybersecurity

  • New PSL counters and timers settable in PSL or in settings enables more complex logic schemes to be created such as equivalent logic to TP2xx pole slipping (de-synchronization) relay

  • A large range of communications protocols including IEC61850 8-1 and new DNP 3.0 over Ethernet

  • New XCPU3 with extended memory, new opto input and PSU design (P and M hardware)


MiCOM Agile P34x Brochure 

MiCOM Agile P34x Manual

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