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MiCOM Agile P547

Phase Comparison System

MiCOM Agile P547 phase comparison relay provides comprehensive phase comparison line protection including unit protection, subcycle distance and directional earth fault (DEF) for single and three pole tripping applications. It is adapted to two and three-terminal lines, and lines with transformer tee-off feeds.

Interfacing with the Power Line Carrier equipment, which operates via the power line, means that the end-to-end scheme communication requires no external signaling channel. VT inputs may be added to enhance protection stability and sensitivity in long line applications, and where single pole tripping is required. Adding voltage inputs supports distance protection and fault location and enhances other MiCOM Agile P547 functions.

Key Features

  • Distance to fault location assists dispatching of maintenance crews

  • Graphical programmable scheme logic eases protection scheme creation, and avoids the need for external logic controllers

  • IEC 61850 redundant Ethernet, supporting self healing ring, RSTP, dual homing, PRP or HSR

  • Optional mho and quadrilateral subcycle distance protection

  • Full suite of monitoring, control and recording capabilities plus fault locator, auto reclose and check synchronism

  • Harsh environment coating as standard to all MiCOM relay to protect against corrosive gases such as H2S or SO2

Main Characteristics 

  • Highly selective unit protection

  • Cost effective alternative to current differential

  • The signalling medium is the power line itself - fully within the maintenance and operational control of the utility, no external communications dependence

  • Advanced charging current compensation and angle-shifting to avoid corona issues - design features to target long-line transmission applications

  • Adaptive mixing of sequence components boosts earth fault sensitivity without compromising detection of phase-phase and three-phase faults



MiCOM Agile Px40 Range Brochure 

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