MiCOM Agile P341

The MiCOM Agile P341 Agile protection relay offers the interconnection protection necessary for operating machines in parallel with the main power supply network.

The P341 provides dynamic line rating (DLR) protection to optimize transmission line capacity, enabling a larger penetration of distributed generation (DG) such as windfarms.

Customer Benefits 

  • Maximise usable capacity of overhead line assets by 50% or more

  • Increase energy yields, thus improving the cost effectiveness of renewable energy projects and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Avoid upgrading or replacing existing transmission lines.

  • Extensive functionalities to meet all generator protection applications

  • Programmable scheme logic to allow easy customization

  • Flexible communications options including IEC61850

  • High break output contacts - no reliance on auxiliary devices

  • Reduced cost of ownership via redundant ethernet ports

  • Redundant communications with zero downtime.


With embedded generators running in parallel with the normal public supply there is a risk that, due to fault clearances on the external system, the embedded generator may become disconnected (islanded) from the main supply network. The machines may continue to supply external load, but there is a significant risk the islanding may cause: loss of system earth where the system earth is on the star winding of a network transformer or poor quality of supply to local loads and unsynchronized reconnection due to auto-reclosure of the remote circuit-breaker. Rate of change of frequency and voltage vector shift protection functions are provided to detect this loss of mains/grid (or islanded) conditions.

The P341 also provides overcucrrent and ground fault, under and over-voltage, under and overfrequency, thermal overload, negative phase sequence overcurrent and over-voltage and power/VAr protection for the point of connection of the embedded generator and supply network.

Check synchronizing is also included to supervise the closing of the circuit-breaker.

The P341 also provides Dynamic Line Rating protection to optimize transmission line capacity, enabling a larger penetration of distributed generation such as windfarms.

  • Harsh Environment Option to protect against corrosive gases such as H2S or SO2

  • Generator and transformer thermal overload, transformer loss of life and through fault monitoring

  • Extensive protection for large machines such as pole slipping and 100% stator earth fault protection (3rd harmonic and low frequency injection method)

Global Functions

The following global functions are generally available:

  • 4 settings groups

  • Metering

  • Event recording 

  • Disturbance recording

  • Fault recording

  • Breaker state and condition monitoring

  • 6 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese

Main Protection Functions

The main protection functions are autonomous and can be individually enabled or disabled to suit a particular application. Each protection function is available in four separate settings groups which can be individually enabled or disabled. 3-phase tripping with faulted phase indication is provided for all protection functions.

Functional Overview

MiCOM Agile P341 ver30_31J Manual 

MiCOM Agile P341 ver35_70J Manual 

MiCOM Agile P341 ver36_71J Manual 

MiCOM Agile P341 ver38_72J Manual 

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