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Multilin 369

Designed for medium voltage motors, the 369 delivers simple setup configuration through the use of the Motor Settings Auto-Configurator, advanced graphical diagnostics with the Motor Health Report, comprehensive communications with multiple communication options and complete traceability of all setting changes with the Security Setting Change History Report, providing unparalleled motor protection for medium sized AC motors.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Thermal Model

  • Complete Asset monitoring

  • Enhanced reporting

  • Reduce troubleshooting time and maintenance costs

  • Multiple communication protocols

  • Simplified programming with the EnerVista™ 369 Motor Settings Auto-Configurator

  • Optional Conformal coating

  • Field upgradable settings and firmware

  • Suitable for hazardous locations

  • Installation flexibility

  • Safe and reliable motor re-start on “Down Hole” pump applications

  • User definable parameters and data size for DeviceNet polling

  • User definable parameters and data size for Profibus DPV1 cyclic data

  • Motor learned data on historical start characteristics


  • Protection and control for medium sized AC motors

  • “Down Hole” pump applications

  • Suitable for applications involving Variable Frequency Drives

  • Two Speed motor application


Multilin 369 Brochure

Multilin 369 Manual

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