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Multilin A60


The Multilin A60™ Arc Flash System utilizes GE's patented light and pressure signal fiber sensor to help ensure fast and reliable protection against arcing events. Based on a known time relationship between the speed of light and sound, (pressure wave), GE's patented sensor is able to detect and issue a trigger signal to clear the fault in under 2 milliseconds – significantly reducing incident energy from an arc flash event.


  • Stand-alone unit providing 24/7 operation

  • External current supervision from IOC device

  • Up to five arc flash sensors per relay for detection in multiple locations within switchgear

  • Five solid state output relays for fast initiation

  • Six digital inputs for cascading applications and large systems

  • Clear status indication of the device

  • Local and remote reset capability

  • DIN rail mounting for easy installation

  • LEDs on unit for clear status indication

  • AC/DC high power supply options

  • Operating temperature range -40°C to +60°C



  • Independent device provides continuous, always on, operation to maximize equipment protection

  • Continuous health monitoring of optical sensors, fiber cables, and control unit to ensure reliable operation

  • Direct connection to breaker trip circuit using solid state output relays, for increased operating speed

  • Reliable and deterministic multi-stage (light and pressure) detection with optional supervisory input reduces nuisance tripping

  • Simplified installation and configuration with sensor auto-calibration and no requirement for additional setup software

  • Scalable arc flash system, allowing for multiple unit connectivity for large installations

  • No requirement to install additional CT's reducing time and costs associated with installation and commissioning

  • Suitable for both new and retrofit applications

An arc flash event is the sudden release of electrical energy through the air. The resulting forces can produce temperatures up to 35,000°F, in less than one thousandths of a second, causing copper to turn into plasma expanding by 67,000 times. With these type of extreme events, fast, reliable arc flash detection is critical to avoid significant damage to equipment and reduce the repair and replacement costs, as well as downtime of the power system. The Multilin A60 Arc Flash System utilizes a unique sensing method that detects both light and pressurized sound signals that occur during an arc flash event, enabling more reliable and faster operating times to reduce the total arc energy generated. Utilizing a patented arc flash sensing method, the Multilin A60 is able to reliably detect an arc flash event in as fast as 1 msec. 


Based on a known time relationship between the speed of light and sound (pressure wave), GE's patented sensor is able to detect and issue a trigger signal to clear the fault in under 2 milliseconds – significantly reducing incident energy from an arc flash event. Specifically, the sensor head detects these two key factors (light and pressure wave) using LEDs, bare fiber and a membrane. 

During an arc flash event, the diaphragm vibrates due to the pressurized sound wave creating a signature which is recognized by the Multilin A60. It is this unique combination of light and pressure wave detection that ensures reliable and fast detection of an arc flash event. 

The Multilin A60 supports up to five sensors per unit providing optimal coverage in a typical two-high medium voltage switchgear section. To cover a larger area or for multi-section applications, Multilin A60's may be daisy chained together. 



As a stand-alone unit, the Multilin A60 relay is DIN rail mountable and should be mounted inside the control cabinet of the medium voltage switchgear or motor control center. Sensors should be installed where there is a high probability of an arc flash occurring. 

As the Multilin A60 utilizes both light and pressure to detect an arc flash condition, installation and wiring of external CT's are not required. An external current supervision from a separate Instantaneous Over Current (IOC) device may be used and connected as a contact input for enhanced security and mitigation of nuisance tripping. 

The Multilin A60 provides an auto-calibration function for the sensors reducing total commissioning and testing time. Once installed and powered, the device will first run in calibration mode. This mode, sets the thresholds for both the light and pressurized sound based on surrounding or ambient conditions. As surrounding conditions may change, the Multilin A60 may be re-calibrated at anytime. 



This figure shows the typical wiring diagram of the Multilin A60 Arc Flash System. The typical wiring diagram shows the connection of the input and output relays and the connected sources. The wiring diagram also shows the connection of the supervisory circuit (option) to the A60 unit. 

* Diagram 1

This application example below describes the ability of the Multilin A60 to be deployed in a cascading configuration across multiple MV switchgear sections and compartments, including through a substation bus bar vault. The Multilin A60 sensors should be installed at a certain distance from each other to ensure coverage of the entire bus bar. 
By connecting devices together using the transfer trip input/output, individual Multilin A60 devices may receive a transfer trip signal from an upstream or downstream device, ensuring fast, reliable detection of an arc flash event in large MV switchgear applications. 

* Diagram 2

1 A60.png
2 A60.png
3 A60.png
4 A60.png

* Diagram 1

5 A60.png

* Diagram 2

A60 Brochure

A60 Manual

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