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Multilin MM2

The Motor Manager II (MM2) combines control functions and comprehensive motor protection in one package. This compact device provides sophisticated control and protective relaying at significant cost savings over the discrete devices normally found in a low voltage motor control center (MCC).


  • Low voltage motor control centers

Protection & Control

  • Overload

  • Phase unbalance

  • Contactor failure

  • Locked/stalled rotor

  • Ground fault

  • Hot winding thermistor

  • Undervoltage auto restart

  • Outputs: 2 contactor, 2 programmable

  • Inputs: 6 fixed, 10 programmable

Monitoring & Metering

  • Display phase current, ground current, thermal capacity, analog input, power, energy, etc.

  • Trip record and pre-trip values

  • Maintenance information

User Interface

  • RS485 ModBus™ , 1200 - 19,200 bps

  • Display model for local interface


MM2 Brochure

MM2 Manual

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