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Multilin RMIO 

The Remote I/O Module provides RTD temperature metering capabilities for the Multilin 339 motor protection relay.

The remote RTD Module provides additional protection for motor applications by monitoring the temperature of key components in the motor. All RTD’s settings are completely configurable via the 339 motor relay and via EnerVista Software.

Key Benefits

  • Additional RTD temperature metering for the SR 339 motor protection relay

  • Designed for close mounting to motor, reducing RTD wiring

  • Provides overtemperature protection

  • Monitors up to 12 RTD’s

  • Individually field programmable RTD’s

  • AC/DC universal power supply


  • Connect to the Multilin’s SR 339 motor protection relay for remote RTD protection

  • The Remote I/O Module monitors up to 12 RTD’s with all metered values accessible via the 339 motor protection relay.

Monitoring & Metering

The RMIO Remote I/O Module has been designed to be mounted close to the motor to reduce the length of the RTD cables, the costs associated with the cables, and the installation labor. The Remote I/O module can then be connected to a 339 motor Relay via one RS485 cable that can then monitor the RTD’s from a remote location and use this temperature information for protection and metering purposes.

  • CANBUS Protocol

  • 12 three-wire shield RTD inputs

  • User configurable RTD programming

  • AC/DC universal power supply


RMIO Product Brochure

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