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Phoenix Vent  Silencer

Phoenix Vent Silencer (Blowdown silencer) is used to manage the noise associated with venting pressurized gases to the atmosphere. Our Phoenix Vent Silencers are designed to operate safely in high-pressure, high temperature conditions such as those found in oil and gas processing plants, power plants, chemical plants, or industrial processing plants. 


Our Phoenix Vent Silencer solutions offers a wide range of standard and custom designs for various applications like steam, air, natural gas or pressurized gas. Our custom design allows flexibility and design options to increase efficiency and performance 

Key Features:

  • Standard or Fully Customized design

  • Low Total Ownership Cost

  • Adherence to ASME Section VIII - Pressure Vessel Code ensures high reliability

  • Premium Quality Construction materials ensures longer service withstanding high temperatures and corrosive environments

  • Custom accessories including supports, weather hoods, bird screens, and directional outlets

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