What We Do


Electrical Protection & Control

We provide all range of protection and control solutions. Representing GE Grid Solutions since 1990s, we provide solutions starting from generator protection to motor, feeder and transformer protection whether it is for low voltage, medium to high voltage system. 


  • Product training

  • Testing and commissioning 

  • Equipment troubleshooting and maintenance

  • Retrofitting

  • After sales and service support


Industrial Noise & Vibration Control

We are experts in Industrial Noise & Vibration Control solutions. 

We provide quality, tailored solutions for industrial noise and vibration control according to our clients' individual needs. All of our solutions are designed, built and installed by our in-house design and manufacturing arm, VTR.


  • Design and manufacture

  • Application and installation 

  • Noise studies and simulation 

  • Technical service and support


Commercial Acoustic & Noise Control

We provide consultation services for Commercial Acoustic & Noise Control.

We offer a comprehensive and practical acoustic and noise control consultation service for small to mid-sized businesses. 


  • Comprehensive consultation service