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MiCOM Agile P842

Mesh-corner DAR

Its flexibility means it can be used with different bus-bar arrangements. The MiCOM Agile P842 Mesh Corner Reclose unit (MCU) provides a flexible, distributed scheme for delayed auto-reclose (DAR) and auto-isolation of a mesh bus station. 

High-speed peer-peer communications

The MiCOM Agile P842 uses high-speed peer-peer communication facilities over Ethernet, and provides for the automatic reclosure of circuit breakers. It also ensures automatic isolation of a persistently faulted plant and suppresses ferro-resonance following a system fault.

The equipment is provided on the basis of one MCU per mesh corner. Although each MCU is an autonomous unit, inter-unit communications guarantees co-ordinated control of a complete mesh system.


Flexibility for easy commissioning and fault-finding

The MiCOM Agile P842 ensures that only the faulted electrical plant is isolated for permanent faults. It provides flexibility for different busbar arrangements, carries out system checks, and suppresses ferro-resonance. MiCOM Agile P842 is equipped with real time peer-peer communications and allows easy commissioning and 'fault-finding'.


About MiCOM P40 Agile

Agile’s philosophy is one of continuous improvement in our products and solutions. Our emphasis on communication in MiCOM has become a focus which secures leadership in the digital substation. To mark this phase of evolution, the brand “P40 Agile” is applied to the range. P40 Agile is a mark of performance and quality, proudly available from Agile, and only from Agile.

P40-80TE-front-B-250px (1).png

MiCOM P841 Agile


MiCOM P841 Agile


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