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Multilin G100

Advanced Substation Gateway

GE’s Multilin G100, a member of the advanced Multi-function Controller Platform (MCP), offers a high capacity, secure, future-proof, and substation-hardened set of modular and scalable hardware and software components designed to simplify the deployment, operation and maintenance of automation systems.

This advanced hardware platform makes it possible for a single device to host multiple functions and applications such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Concentrator, Remote terminal Unit (RTU), Human Machine Interface (HMI), advanced cyber security features, and non-operational data storage. By these functions, substation operators can reduce the cost of deployment and operation while increasing system reliability through a reduced number of devices in the system.

Advanced Gateway, Data Concentrator, Protocol Converter, Remote Terminal Unit

Data Collection and Concentration

The G100 advanced substation gateway can operate as a SCADA host, collecting, filtering, and sorting data from a wide range of intelligent devices (RTUs, PLCs, relays, meters), preserving original data time stamps for accurate sequence of event reporting. Data can be simultaneously presented to multiple SCADA hosts with different communication protocols.

The G100 comes with a built-in suite of communication protocols to facilitate communication with various devices and SCADA hosts, including:

  • DNP3 serial and IP (client & server)

  • IEC 61850 Ed.1 and certified Ed.2 (client)

  • D.20 Link

  • Modbus™ serial & TCP/IP (client & server)

  • IEC60870-5-101/103/104 (client)

  • IEC60870-5-101/104 (server)

  • Proprietary SEL Binary (client)

  • Generic ASCII protocols (client)


IEC 61850

The IEC 61850 Client application allows the G100 to act as an IEC 61850 data concentrator. The G100 also includes valuable features such as Dynamic Data Sets, Buffered Control Blocks, and Enhanced Security Controls.

The IEC 61850 Client and the IEC 61850 Loader Configuration tool are Ed.2 certified and simultaneously compatible with both Ed.1 and Ed.2 devices, as detailed in the Conformance Statements.


D.20 I/O Module Support

GE’s D.20 I/O Modules are popular due to their reliability, flexibility, and functionality. With hundreds of thousands of modules shipped to the field, the ability for G100 to communicate, retrieve information, and control these modules is a very important supported feature.

D.20 I/O modules are intelligent modules containing an on-board microprocessor. Their configuration is seamlessly integrated directly into the G100 configuration on the Connections tab. This enables additional and specific I/O processing to be distributed through the G100 to the appropriate I/O module, without the need for any additional configuration.

There are four types of I/O peripherals supported by the G100:

  • D.20A analog input

  • D.20S digital inputs

  • D.20K digital output

  • D.20C combination input/output

Optional high-voltage peripherals and fiber optic communication extenders are also available.

On-board General Purpose I/O

For applications requiring only a few I/O points, the G100 comes with built-in general-purpose I/O.

  • Eight (8) Digital Inputs

  • Four (4) Digital Outputs

  • Four (4) DC Analog Inputs

If this is not sufficient, D.20 I/O Modules can easily be configured and connected to the G100 to extend the available physical I/O capabilities.

Advanced Automation

The G100 provides the computing platform necessary to automation intricate substation procedures and processes safely and efficiently. The advanced and customized automation programs are created using IEC 61131 compliant tools and math functions are performed on data points using the built-in calculator tools. Automation features include:

  • HMI, One Line Viewer and Annunciator

  • Math, Logical, Timer Control Programmable Logic

  • IEC 61131-3 Logic using LogicLinx

  • Control Lockout

  • Accumulator Freeze

  • Analog Value Selection

  • Alarm Management

  • Redundant I/O

  • Hardware Asset Management Application

  • System Status Manager

  • Load Shedding and Curtailment

  • Input Point Suppression


Automatic File and Record Retrieval

The G100’s Automated Record Retrieval Manager (ARRM) can automatically retrieve event files, oscillography files, fault records, COMTRADE files, SOE files, Setting files, Log files, and other files from devices such as Multilin UR Protective Relays, GE’s D25 Controllers, and IEC 61850 server devices. ARRM supports using SFTP, FTP, TFTP, SEL Binary, or IEC 61850 MMS to retrieve files from an IED or device over a Local Area Network (LAN) or serial connection. ARRM also supports file archival of EVE and CEV files from the SEL IEDs via serial or TCP connections Using IEEE file naming standards, these event files are renamed and can be stored locally or securely sent to corporate servers using RSYNC, FTP or SFTP.










Fault Recording/Data Logging

Using pass-through connections, users can extract valuable non-operational data such as digital fault records (DFR), event and oscillography files. The user can also access the historical log files and upload the archived data for trending and analysis.

Fault recording features include:

  • Data Logger and Analog Reports

  • Trend Viewer

  • Database Exporter

  • Automatic Record Retrieval Manager and Runtime viewer











Secure Remote Access

G100 provides robust security environment, providing seamless integration with existing IT department policies. Role based Access Control, Secure Web Interface, Secure File Transfer, and extensive user activity logging provide a complete security toolkit required to achieve NERC-CIP compliance.

Secure remote access features include:

  • Access to Operational and Non-operational Data

  • Pass-through/Terminal Server

  • Virtual Serial Ports

  • Role Based Access Control

  • Built-in firewall


Configuration Software

DS Agile Studio (DSAS) is an industry leading software toolset that simplifies every aspect of using Substation Automation products. DS Agile Studio integrates optimized performance while supporting the complete portfolio of GE’s RTUs and Gateways.


Multilin G100


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Multilin G100


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